Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Vanessa Lindgren, Leesburg, VA - Fake Doctorate

Vanessa Lindgren of Modern Hypnosis Works (at the Integrative Family Medicine Center) in Leesburg, Virginia falsely claims to have earned a doctorate in hypnosis. As readers of this blog are aware, there is no legitimate doctorate in hypnosis anywhere in the world. In her listing on Psychology Today, Vanessa Lindgren claims to have earned the "Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis" at the "Eastern Institute of Hypno[therapy]." While at one time there was a business license registered to the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy, it is in no way, shape, or form an accredited educational institution with any authority to bestow legitimate doctoral degrees. Also, judging by her own published qualifications, it doesn't appear that Vanessa Lindgren holds any legitimate academic degree. We reviewed the website at the office where she practices with others (the Integrative Family Medicine Center at and it states that she holds a Master's degree in Hypnosis (again, there is no such legitimate degree anywhere in the world). On the same site she claims to have a bachelor's degree in Holistic Health, which also makes us quite skeptical since she fails to mention any institution.  You will also see by the screenshots shown below, that Vanessa Lindgren refers to herself in numerous sources as "Dr.," which make it appear that she is either delusional or desperate to heighten her legitimacy. Buyer beware, go elsewhere.

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